Diversity Fin Antenna, Standmount with Cover

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The patented Diversity Fin is a multi-purpose antenna for wireless microphones that reduces dropouts using a patented cross-polarized, hybrid design. It combines one LPDA and one dipole antenna in an orthogonal (right angle) configuration. One element captures vertically polarized waves, and the other horizontally polarized waves—doing the same job as two “shark fin” paddles while greatly improving RF and audio performance. The Diversity Fin has found widespread adoption across multiple pro audio segments for its performance, convenience, space, and cost benefits. From high profile live sound events, to film and TV productions, to routine installations in schools and churches, the Diversity Fin is the ideal all-purpose external antenna for diversity microphone systems of any brand.

Black coating with protective cover. Mic Stand Mount with 1/4-20, 3/8-16, 5/8-27 threads.

Freq. 470 - 698 MHz, BNC

*Coaxial cables (2 required) not included* 

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