Diversity Architectural Antenna DISTRO4 Package, Black

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This turnkey bundle includes everything needed to configure up to 5 channels of wireless microphones.

The new Diversity Architectural Antenna by RF Venue is a high performance antenna system for wireless microphones. Featuring a slim profile enclosure, the Diversity Architectural Antenna can be installed in any position on a wall or ceiling and can be painted to match any interior.  Using a unique patent-pending dual-feed antenna design, both A and B diversity connections are provided, so there's no need to install two separately spaced antennas resulting in a more professional look that room designers and architects appreciate

Included in the bundle

* Patent pending Diversity Architectural Antenna system reduces signal dropouts
* 4 Channel antenna distribution with internal power supply and cascade ports
* Two 25’ Premium low loss double shielded coaxial cables


D-ARCDISTRO4 Package Contains:

(1) Diversity Architectural Antenna - Black

(1) DISTRO4 4 Channel RF+DC Power Distributor

(2) RG8X25 Coaxial Cables BNC - Black

(10) BNC jumpers

(4) DC jumpers,

(1) AC power cord