Diversity Fin Antenna DISTRO9-HDR Bundle

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Highest Quality RF Signal Distribution for Wireless Microphones

  • Connect up to 9 receivers - VHF and UHF, in 1RU
  • High dynamic range for lowest IMD means more usable spectrum 
  • Two zones of antenna coverage built-in
  • Superior gain flatness and stability
  • Dedicated DC power port for receivers and accessories
  • Excellent RF performance at a reasonable price



(1) Diversity Fin Antenna (DFIN) for Wireless Microphones, (1) DISTRO9-HDR 9 Channel RF Distributor, (2) RG8X25 Coaxial Cables BNC, (1) RG8X1.5-10 (10 pack interconnects), (1) RG8X2-10 (10 pack interconnects), (1) DC-KIT-D9 DC Power Distribution Kit for DISTRO9


The RF Venue DISTRO9 HDR represents a unique approach to high quality RF signal distribution for wireless microphones.  A new and proprietary design eliminates old internal splitters most antenna distribution systems still use and replaces them with state of the art “divide by three” circuitry, providing up to 9 low-noise channels of diversity wireless.  And each output is clean: DISTRO9 HDR employs low noise figure amplifiers and superior gain structure providing over 60 dB of dynamic range over the spectrum. 


Any DISTRO9 HDR RF output can be cascaded to a second DISTRO9 HDR, eliminating the need for dedicated cascade ports and providing up to 17 wireless microphone channels in just two units of rack space.  


Multizone installations are easy with the DISTRO9 HDR two zone antenna inputs, providing coverage for large areas or multiple rooms, each with DC power available for in-line amplifiers or active antennas.


The DISTRO9 HDR is internally powered by a quiet and robust internal power supply that accepts mains input in any country, and a convenient high current rear connector provides several amps of DC power for receivers and other devices, depending on configuration. The DISTRO9 HDR is also ready for location sound cart applications and can be powered by batteries (Optional DC power cable kit required).                  


The DISTRO9 HDR is built for the rapidly changing RF spectrum landscape worldwide, and delivers superior gain flatness across VHF low, VHF high T-Band and UHF and 900 MHz ranges, and low noise, making wireless microphone systems work and sound better, with fewer dropouts and noise artifacts. 


Designed and Assembled in USA